'07 Goals

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    I know that a lot of people have got to have some serious fishing goals this year that'll make mine look plain silly, but that's cool anyway. Let's see what we are all going after this year to improve our own fishing standards.

    Here are mine:

    Striper over 13".(Currently the biggest and only one I've caught)
    Catch a blue cat.
    Longnose gar over 20lbs.
    Bowfin over 12lbs.
    Flathead over 50lbs.
    Find where the crappie go/are!
    Speckled trout over 4lbs.
    Redfish over 40".
    A keeper flounder.(I caught probably 100 shorts this year passed year)
    My first sheephead.
    Black drum over 5lbs.
    Land my first large coastal shark, land based.
    Bluefish over 5lbs.
    Catch my first shad on rod and real.