05/25 Pictures of Tony

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    Here are two pics I took of Tony on 5/25 of some catches at Dillon Lake while fishing in my boat.

    I last fished with him on Tue nite on Dillon's backwaters on Park Road #7. That nite I took a pic of him using his camera with an 8#+ for entry into his team's contest. I hope he got it posted to the site but I haven't looked for it yet. He said he felt he hadn't contributed much this year to his team's effort because of his health problems. But I am sure that his team members felt that just by being Tony he contributed more than most could to the 'art' of catfishing and good (wonderful) companionship.

    I so looked forward to fishing with him and will miss him and his phone calls and messages, but I am so glad I got to know him.


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