03-12 report below the damn

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    Cass Couty, MO
    Well, CCSO640 and I went to Warsaw last night to do a little catfishing and chase the crappie and whites bass around. The water temp was 41 degrees so you can imagine how the fishing went. Plus they were not running any water. All in all the night was inactive beside the lonely white bass, but it was a great night to be out on the water. I just bought a new Lowe Stinger 175 and it was my first time to take it out. So I was thrilled!! Good luck to all. Kyle :cool2:
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    Had a good time last night Kyle! Went again today, got on the water about 2pm, fished for cats at all of my hot spots, nothing, not even a bite. Then went up to the old channel and fished for crappie/white bass in 23 feet of water where I was marking lots of fish but nothing there either. Water in the old channel was 43 degrees today so its just a matter of time. Kyle didn't say but shad were at the Harbor along the rocky banks, 5-8 feet of water at night. Good luck everyone! Chris