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winter catfishing

  1. Winter Catfishing???

    Hey guys. New member here. Looking for some tips on where and how to fish for some big cats on the rivers. Unfortunately no boat for me, so I am really looking to hear from the dedicated shore fisherman. Anything will help as I've been skunked the last 2 times i went out. Thanks everybody. Cant...
  2. Winter Catfishing

    Hello guys, haven't used this forum in a while but I've been curious on how to fish for blue cats this time of year in and around the lower MO river (I live in the Chesterfield area to be specific). I've heard many people have a lot of success in the winter under the right circumstances. I would...
  3. Winter Catfishing on the Ohio River

    Catfishing Videos
    Here's our latest video. Nothing too big but fun times with my son.
  4. Bull Shoals - Lead Hill Area Fall/ Winter Cats

    Hey fellas, I just moved here from SE Texas and I was wondering how ya'll catch them during the fall/winter. I can catch 'em all day down there in the creeks but this is a whole new enchilada for me. Cold and deep! Any tips on would be appreciated. Thanks again, Dallas