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  1. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    So, I admit, I'm a pathologic fisherman.....fortunately, there's no 12 step program and I wouldn't take it anyway.......not so many catfish or carp so far, but pushing 500 fish, including a bass grand slam (3 species in a day), a bass super grand slam (4 species in a day), some trout, panfish...
  2. Trout Fishing
    Wondering if anyone in the Estes Park area would be interested in trading a 3 or 4 hour trout fishing trip for 1 or 2 people for an all day or evening blue cat trip for up to three people in a fully equipped procat 240. Only thing you will need is an out of state fishing license.... Like a...
    April 6th.My grandson and I tried to catch some catfish at a local county lake. Got our lines in the water around 11:40, there were already a number of other fishermen at the dam wall area. . The lake water was clouded up some and strong winds keep on gusting while we were there. We had chicken...
  4. Wyatt's trout catch

    My sons first haul of trout caught by himself, with just a little help from dad.
  5. whopper!

    Pretty sure this is the smallest trout I've ever caught
  6. brown trout

    another watauga river brown trout
  7. 1st brown trout

    My first brown trout - watauga river in east tn
  8. caney fork rainbows

    A couple of rainbow trout caught for dinner on the Caney Fork Riveron my way back to school at ETSU
  9. Trout DEC. 2006

    Trout caught out of Shelby Lake Nashville Tn.
  10. Rainbow Trout. Jan. 2006

    Trout caught out of Shelby Lake in Nashville Tn.
1-10 of 10 Results