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    Here is my report of the fishing trip of July 7th, July 7th. My brother and I met with a catfish guide at 06:00at the ramp. We were on the water at 06:20 heading to get fresh shad for bait. 07:00 we had our 8 rods in the water. My brother brought his own 4 rods and some frozen skipjack that he...
    Well I have been catfishing twice in the past week. Here is the report of July 5th. when my grandson and I were invited to learn about drift fishing from my friend Mark. July 5th. Met Mark at 06:00 then we all headed for a local lake for a drift fishing lesson. Around 06:40 we had the boat on...
  3. not a catfish

    Nice Striper
  4. large striper

    personal best striper 39 inchs 25#
  5. 27 Pound striper

    This is my biggest striper so far, 27 pounds and 35 inches. Caught on a bream head in gaston lake.
  6. 43 pound blue cat

    This is my biggest blue cat so far. I caught him off the bank a couple years ago on a fillet of carp. He was 43 lb.
1-6 of 6 Results