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  1. Flathead Catfish
    I'm new to flathead fishing and I could use some advice. I've been on 5 or 6 overnight trips so far (12-14 hrs) with only one big channel catfish to show for it. I fish from the bank with 2 rods, carolina or santee cooper rigs. I use live bluegill when I can get them and bullhead when I...
    April 28th. I picked up my grandson for a shakedown trip with my boat at 10:45. It was a very cold, cloudy and windy morning. I took the boat to a lake instead of the Ohio River due to the river being too high. We launched the boat at 11:40, and the lake was very muddy and choppy waves from the...
    October 6th my wife & I headed up to Galloplis Ohio for I wanted to do some catfishing. I had hoped to have better luck there since commercial fishermen are not on that section of the Ohio River. I was meeting a catfisherman from that area that had a seat in his boat. We arrived at the city...
1-3 of 3 Results