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  1. Fishing Rod Review
    Just got these two Whisker Seeker FMJ rods, paired them with some Penn Pursuit III 6000s and so far I like them a lot, they have a strong backbone but sensitive tip and they feel great! Only got to reel in a couple eater size so far, but the fight was still good.
  2. Fishing Rod Review
    Howdy folks, This past summer I really got into targeting big catfish and it payed off more than I could ever have imagined. However, in the early spring when I first started I got my butt kicked several times by large catfish. As a result I over buffed my arsenal somewhat. I purchased two heavy...
    First off I have to tell you guys thank you! You have been so helpful already and I'm so glad I found this forum. Found a couple reels on eBay, but still need to grab at least one more. I was a bit hesitant to get the 6600C4 as it wasn't one of the reels that you guys really mentioned...
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and this is my first post so hopefully I am following forum rules. I wanted to pick your brain on the topic of catfish reels. I have never owned a nice rod and reel setup for catfish. I feel it is time to remedy that since I am looking to target cats more this...
1-4 of 4 Results