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  1. Fishing Reel Review
    I am ready to buy 2-3 new rod and reel combos for fishing the Missouri River. I am in a rut trying to decide whether to go with a penn fathom, Okuma cold water, Abu Garcia C3 7000, or shimano Tekota as far as reels. I plan to put them on a medium heavy big cat fever casting rod. I wont be using...
  2. Fishing Reel Review
    I'm looking to get expand my arsenal, but I'm out a job at the moment and working on a pretty tight budget. I have been browsing amazon and I've seen a few bait casting reels that go for less than $50. At that price how much quality would I be sacrificing? I'm from Ohio and I don't think I'll...
  3. Fishing Reel Review
    Was wondering what some of you guys thought about using the new Diawa Emcast Lt Br Spinning for catfishing. I know it's kind of marketed for saltwater fishing but nothing etched in stone against cats. Front and rear drags, 26lbs. of drag force and 320 yards of braid along with an extra spool...
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum and this is my first post so hopefully I am following forum rules. I wanted to pick your brain on the topic of catfish reels. I have never owned a nice rod and reel setup for catfish. I feel it is time to remedy that since I am looking to target cats more this...
1-5 of 5 Results