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  1. Fishing Rod Review
    I took a chance last night on a new in open box Penn Fathom. I was the only bid so I got it for $118 shipped. Hopefully everything is legit and it turns out to be a great deal. My question is what rod would pair up well with this reel. I have 2 of the squall 15 non lw and they are considerable...
  2. Fishing Reel Review
    I got the Warfare 15lw this year, and it has been pretty rough. I had to personally alter the bait clicker just to get the reel to function. Even after that, the line constantly snags the levelwind on 15-20% of casts. The release is very sensitive to cast, so you have to hold it down on cast...
  3. Fishing Reel Review
    Hi, new to your site. After a 40 year fishing hiatus I'm going on a vacation next week to the outer banks of North Carolina. I'm going with a friend who likes to fish. I was in a second hand store and purchased a Penn Peer 209, with a Browning Silaflex 975 rod. Reel appears in good shape and...
1-3 of 3 Results