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  1. Fishing Rod Review
    Hello i recently recieved this rod and reel combo as a gift i was wondering how i should go about rigging it up and if it was even any good for catfishing. I'm in san antonio texas
  2. Fishing Reel Review
    Hey guys first post, hope I’m in the right thread. If not I apologize in advance. I picked up this Penn Senator 114H 6/0 yesterday at a fishing supply store for $70 with the original box and manual. It was in good condition and mechanically felt great. A little heavy but it gives it that tank...
  3. Fishing Rod Review
    I took a chance last night on a new in open box Penn Fathom. I was the only bid so I got it for $118 shipped. Hopefully everything is legit and it turns out to be a great deal. My question is what rod would pair up well with this reel. I have 2 of the squall 15 non lw and they are considerable...
  4. Fishing Reel Review
    I got the Warfare 15lw this year, and it has been pretty rough. I had to personally alter the bait clicker just to get the reel to function. Even after that, the line constantly snags the levelwind on 15-20% of casts. The release is very sensitive to cast, so you have to hold it down on cast...
  5. Fishing Reel Review
    Hi, new to your site. After a 40 year fishing hiatus I'm going on a vacation next week to the outer banks of North Carolina. I'm going with a friend who likes to fish. I was in a second hand store and purchased a Penn Peer 209, with a Browning Silaflex 975 rod. Reel appears in good shape and...
1-5 of 5 Results