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  1. Fishing Reel Review
    I am ready to buy 2-3 new rod and reel combos for fishing the Missouri River. I am in a rut trying to decide whether to go with a penn fathom, Okuma cold water, Abu Garcia C3 7000, or shimano Tekota as far as reels. I plan to put them on a medium heavy big cat fever casting rod. I wont be using...
  2. Fishing Reel Review
    I have been looking at this reel for almost a year. I would like some input by those that have owned or used the reel. There is not a lot of videos or reviews of it. I think it would make a great catfish/striper reel. The main con I've seen is line capacity but I typically fish from a boat. They...
  3. Fishing Reel Review
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Coronado baitfeeder is a thumbs up for both big channels and big flats (no blues here). I’ve always been a baitcaster guy, but decided to switch over to a spinning/baitfeeder setup for my guide service clients so that it’s easily interchangeable to the...
  4. Fishing Reel Review
    I'm wanting to get a new spinning reel for catfish. As I mentioned on another post, I will primarily be fishing for channel cats in ponds and lakes. I'm wanting a spinning reel with the bait feeder/live liner capability. I also want a reel that holds about 250 yards of 17 lbs mono. I've...
1-4 of 4 Results