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    Can anybody tell me what species this looks like? It has the face and tale of a bullhead, but the length and spots of a channel, what is it!?
  2. GF's 44# first cat !!!

    First catfish my GF EVER caught a 44# Blue. GO FIGURE !!!!
  3. 34lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Bluecat
  4. 26 1/2lb.Bluecat

    2007 Ohio River Blue
  5. 33lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Blue
  6. 40lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Bluecat
  7. 48lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Bluecat
  8. 50lb. bluecat

    Here is a fifty pounder caught on the Ohio River near Mt. Vernon.
  9. Dad and Myself with another Ohio River HOG

    Dad with yet another pig we whacked in a two day period on a big cold front in March 2007. Dad caught so many 20,30, and 40 pound fish we lost count. It was awesome to see him having so much fun tearin those blue's up.
  10. Captain Harold Dodd and a real nice Mississippi Blue

    Captain Harold Dodd and a nice Blue he caught in September 2007. I was fortunate to spend a day on the river with Harold and learn about all if his experiences on a 35 year River Boat Captains career.
  11. Nice Fat Ohio River Blue

    Caught this engorged blue in March 2007 while fishing with my Dad and his best friend from childhood. We put it on em on this night. What a great bite we were lucky enough to find.
  12. 35 Pound Blue

    Caught this nice fish while fishing with SemoCats during the 2007 Cabelas New Madrid Event. As will all Cabelas tournaments, the fish was released.
1-14 of 14 Results