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  1. TwoFootBlue III

    I’m glad we can agree, I am the real Fish Whisperer. The ice chest is 2’9”. I catch these all day and all night. These were not all my catches over a 2 week span, not even half. I’m only going to upload the monsters from here on, Or one of each variety of fish. Or the weird ones
  2. Over3footbluecat

    This monster weighs over 35 lbs (because he broke my line), probably because he was full of mussels. Nonetheless his fillet was over 2’ long so I jumped in the river after him. Lucky I got him back, eh? Caught him on live nightcrawlers. He stuck out the bucket good. Yeah...
  3. FootAndOneHalf Blue

    After 2 horrible days of no bites and snags, The Fish Whisperer went on a crazed and frenzied rampage. Storming the Wal-Mart sporting goods isles, he broke down and bought artificial baits and scents. Upon switching back to live nightcrawlers and waiting six hours, the Fish Whisperer had his dinner
  4. 24 hour cleaner service

    This night channel catfish catch was just over 2 feet. It was dark and I had little to show for comparison. I caught him using WalMart nightcrawlers, last years luck was excellent. This year, not so much.
  5. My Friends 47 Lb. Blue Catfish.

    A picture of my friend John's 47 lb. blue catfish, caught with a nightcrawler.
  6. My Friend's Huge Blue Catfish.

    My friend's 47 lb. blue catfish, caught with a live nightcrawler.
1-6 of 6 Results