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  1. Fishing Rod Review
    The Green on the TWC Monster Rod and the Orange on the Whisker Seeker Rod under the light of Whisker Seekers new Night Fishing Headlamp in the Blacklite mode. Those two colors really glow.
  2. TwoFootBlue III

    I’m glad we can agree, I am the real Fish Whisperer. The ice chest is 2’9”. I catch these all day and all night. These were not all my catches over a 2 week span, not even half. I’m only going to upload the monsters from here on, Or one of each variety of fish. Or the weird ones
  3. Two-for-tree-in-1

    This odd combination is actually quite common when you leave your pole in a river too long. I’ve broken many a pole this way, but to be fair it was just a cedar and only one of two blue cats (caught on earthworms) was two feet. Don’t mind the boneyard, something will come along and enjoy the niblet
  4. Two foot blue

    This mornings catch was on live earthworms bottom fishing at night. I also caught a foot long gaspergou. He doesn’t count, even though he’s also my dinner. I’m actually collecting catfish fur our tri-Annual fish fry
  5. FootAndOneHalf Blue

    After 2 horrible days of no bites and snags, The Fish Whisperer went on a crazed and frenzied rampage. Storming the Wal-Mart sporting goods isles, he broke down and bought artificial baits and scents. Upon switching back to live nightcrawlers and waiting six hours, the Fish Whisperer had his dinner
1-5 of 5 Results