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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Fishing after the storm Good morning, I went fishing about 2 hours after a storm and cold front pushed through this weekend. I don’t normally do great after a cold front, but this week was different. I think the fall bite over ruled the cold front slow down. After I found them the bite was...
  2. State-BY-State Catfish Talk
    I took a little time to fix a broken pole this weekend plus the wife and I got out to chase a few fish and fight the holiday crowd.
    10-5. I picked up my grandson to do some catfishing at a local small lake around 11:00 We stopped to get some night crawlers on the way to the our lines in the water at 11:50. At 12:00 we started getting some bluegills for bait for our catfish rods. 12:50 my grandson caught a 9 inch...
    Feb 27th. Joe took me to a private pond that he has access to fish. He got his line in the water at 1:15 p.m., I was trying out my wireless depth finder. For neither one of us had any idea of how deep or what structure of this pond. The water was muddy and a steady breeze was blowing all the...
    Three fishing trips in 3 days wore me out. October 10th. I met my friend to fish at a private lake he has access for fishing. It was very foggy when we got our lines in the water at 08:50; we had a hard time seeing our bobbers. We started with night crawlers for bait then switched to...
1-5 of 5 Results