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    First post Hi fellow catfishers and thanks for allowing me to join and learn. I am really new to the cat fishing scene. I started watching kayak catfish and catfish Dave on YouTube and I got the itch. Bought the gear and went out chasing bait in November, first fishing trip in December. I’ve...
    Hey guys. New member here. Looking for some tips on where and how to fish for some big cats on the rivers. Unfortunately no boat for me, so I am really looking to hear from the dedicated shore fisherman. Anything will help as I've been skunked the last 2 times i went out. Thanks everybody. Cant...
  3. Fishing Reel Review
    Hi, new to your site. After a 40 year fishing hiatus I'm going on a vacation next week to the outer banks of North Carolina. I'm going with a friend who likes to fish. I was in a second hand store and purchased a Penn Peer 209, with a Browning Silaflex 975 rod. Reel appears in good shape and...
1-3 of 3 Results