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    Hey guys. New member here. Looking for some tips on where and how to fish for some big cats on the rivers. Unfortunately no boat for me, so I am really looking to hear from the dedicated shore fisherman. Anything will help as I've been skunked the last 2 times i went out. Thanks everybody. Cant...
  2. Bank Fishing
    Hey guys, I'm a new member and also a novice when it comes to cat fishing. I use to fish for a lot of carp and catfish when I was younger with my father but pretty much had him do everything for me (bait, make the rigs, etc.) and then lost interest in fishing come high school. It's nearly a...
  3. Fishing Reel Review
    Hey all. I've been a game fisherman for years, now I'm thinking about getting into catfish and rough fish. Is it fun? :wink1: Anyways, I need some advice on gear to get me started. Here's the situation: I'm new to catfishing, live in the Minneapolis area, would be fishing the Minnesota and...
  4. aquacat

    new boat project. 14ft terry boat with 40 hp evinrude.
1-4 of 4 Results