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  1. California Aquaduct fish

    My biggest ever, 25# blue cat caught in the California Aqueduct on 15# test near Taft
  2. My Fav **** Dog

    my grand nite champion grand show champion mckees smokey blue rattler
  3. My Old Xpress Xc18

    My old Xpress Catboat
  4. 70 Lb Blue Caught Fathers Day

    finished grooming dogs at 11 so went to lake.spent 30 min catching bait and then took 2 hours to get bait out to 3rd row of cages.3 oclock and bobber was gone 25 to 30 min.later and she was mine.
  5. 53 Lb.11 Ounce Blue

    one of my fish for 2008
  6. Pictures

    My 2006 catch's
1-8 of 8 Results