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  1. Over3footbluecat

    This monster weighs over 35 lbs (because he broke my line), probably because he was full of mussels. Nonetheless his fillet was over 2’ long so I jumped in the river after him. Lucky I got him back, eh? Caught him on live nightcrawlers. He stuck out the bucket good. Yeah...
  2. GF's 44# first cat !!!

    First catfish my GF EVER caught a 44# Blue. GO FIGURE !!!!

    My sons new PB 32# Blue @ Cloverport 10/08/2011
  4. 44# Kentucky Blue

    My PB so far !!
  5. 98 Lb. Bluecat My Personal Best

    Here is a 98 lb. Bluecat that is my personal best.
  6. 67.2lb Flathead....pb

    Johns personal best Flathead
  7. it's a keeper

    cought this 13 lb catfish in white plains alabama
  8. 7167-1

    27 pound blue on the Potomac
  9. My biggest Flathead

    Small 6 acre lake, cut shad. Used a bathroom-type sclae to weigh him. It went to 65lbs with his head, tail, and part of his belly hanging out. Was likely 70 or possibly 80lbs. Didn't want to chance killing him so I quickly released him.
1-12 of 12 Results