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  1. Blue Cat Behemoth

    Not my biggest, but this is a good day for the Fish Whisperer. I’m 5’11”, this one’s Over 2 1/2 feet long (maybe 3) he easily dwarfs my arm and is over half my wingspan. I caught him using Big Red brand worms, I can dig my own but I gave this a try. He’s wider and longer, he’s at a tilted angle
  2. 24 hour cleaner service

    This night channel catfish catch was just over 2 feet. It was dark and I had little to show for comparison. I caught him using WalMart nightcrawlers, last years luck was excellent. This year, not so much.
    Just moved to Cullman a few months ago and have fished at Smith lake and Guntersville, also some on the black warrior but can't find any good spots. Anyone having any luck from shore at those lakes or know where I could try for cats? I heard there is good fishing on the black warrior but every...
1-3 of 3 Results