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  1. Carp Fishing
    Me and all the rad dudes of the Kansas City Carp Anglers are hosting our first annual Harvest Moon Classic tournament at Lawson City Lake in Lawson, Missouri (a beautiful lake where bowfishing isn’t allowed). The tournament is restricted to only 12 teams so don’t sit on your hands! I promise...
    im a bank fisherman and i am looking for new places to go fishing mainly looking for Cats, Gar, and bowfin! preferably less than a two hour drive, i really love spillways off of the beaten path too, drop a pin and help a young fisherman find a honey hole
    I am looking at doing tournaments around the state and looking for a partner to fish with. I am working on getting sponsers to help with stuff so I want a good partner. I like to hit tournaments on the Missouri River and lakes in Smithville and the Lake of the Ozarks. I try to hit Warsaw and...
    looking to find others that would be interested in finding catfish tournaments in Missouri to try with me. I am from the NW corner of Mo but do travel around for fishing. Hoping to find others that would like to go fishing with me.
  5. All Catfishing
    Hey guys, I am going to be crossing the Mississippi on my way to Kansas, and I am hoping to fish it on sunday while we are there. We will be stopping in the hannibal, MO area, and I am wondering if anyone has any tips for bank fishing a river like the Mississippi. What size weight? Features to...
  6. Cuz's Cattin Rig

    Here is my 2005 SeaArk Big Daddy, powered by a Yamaha 225 Horse Four Stroke. I've sure enjoyed fishing out of her these past two years. I honestly feel like she's lucky for me too, which is a good feeling to have. : )
  7. Dad and I with a nice Blue

    My dad caught this nice Blue during the summer of 2006. The fish was CPR'd.
  8. Nice 30 Pound Blue

    Caught this nice fish during the summer of 2006. She was CPR'd after this photo.
  9. Mississippi Blue

    Caught this nice blue on Shad in August 2005. She was CPR'd.
  10. 63 Pound Mississippi River Blue Cat

    Caught this Big Beautifull Blue in August 2005. She took a 9 inch filet of Asian Carp down the river 50 yards before I could coax her back to the boat. She is too date my best and longest battle with a Blue Cat.
  11. 50 Pound Mississippi River Blue

    Caught this beautifull Blue in August 2007. She tipped the scales at 51 pounds. She was put back in the river after this photo was taken.
  12. 40+ Mississippi Blue

    Was on the river alone, so had to give the ol gal a hug to get her photo. She was CPR'd. Caught August 2007.
  13. My 94 Pound Blue Cat Mount

    This is the replica of my Personal Best 94 Pound Blue.
  14. Brandens 44 pound HOG

    Branden CPR'd this Big Mississippi Blue in my boat during Cuz Fest 2007. Great Catch Buddy!!
  15. My personal best Blue Cat - 94 Pounds

    My PB Blue 94 Pounds, caught in August 2001. Unfortunately, the fish perished in the river while I waited on Fish and Game to weigh it. It was this event that set me on my Catch and Release Crusade and to do my part to protect these great fishes.
  16. 68lb Blue

    68lb Bluecat
1-16 of 16 Results