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    im a bank fisherman and i am looking for new places to go fishing mainly looking for Cats, Gar, and bowfin! preferably less than a two hour drive, i really love spillways off of the beaten path too, drop a pin and help a young fisherman find a honey hole
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    Hey guys, I am going to be crossing the Mississippi on my way to Kansas, and I am hoping to fish it on sunday while we are there. We will be stopping in the hannibal, MO area, and I am wondering if anyone has any tips for bank fishing a river like the Mississippi. What size weight? Features to...
    Had a really good time fishing on the Mississippi River 9/13/19 and 9/15/19. Historically we have concentrating on catching eater-size blue cats with primarily night crawlers. These trips were the first we have been on the river since it got out of flood stage. This time we tried for eaters by...
1-3 of 3 Results