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  1. Catfishing Baits
    I want to have a decent supply ( minimum 6 dozen) goldfish on-hand all the time. I don't like having to make multiple runs to the bait shop every week to buy my live bait. It would be nice to make a run once a month and buy bulk. Does anyone else keep a nice stock of live bait in their...
    August 31st. I finally convinced my brother to try fishing in a local lake due to his health problem. I picked him up around 07:30 and headed for the lake which took some time to get there. We drove right up to the handicap dock and he was able to use his walker without any trouble to the dock...
  3. TwoFootBlue III

    I’m glad we can agree, I am the real Fish Whisperer. The ice chest is 2’9”. I catch these all day and all night. These were not all my catches over a 2 week span, not even half. I’m only going to upload the monsters from here on, Or one of each variety of fish. Or the weird ones
  4. Two-for-tree-in-1

    This odd combination is actually quite common when you leave your pole in a river too long. I’ve broken many a pole this way, but to be fair it was just a cedar and only one of two blue cats (caught on earthworms) was two feet. Don’t mind the boneyard, something will come along and enjoy the niblet
  5. Over3footbluecat

    This monster weighs over 35 lbs (because he broke my line), probably because he was full of mussels. Nonetheless his fillet was over 2’ long so I jumped in the river after him. Lucky I got him back, eh? Caught him on live nightcrawlers. He stuck out the bucket good. Yeah...
  6. YellowBullheadCatfish

    This odd creature was camouflaged (mottled), known as the Yellow bullhead catfish. Again, caught on a live worm bottom fishing, he only acted bigger than he was (1 foot). Because I’m partial to camouflage, I released him although I hooked him in the eye. I noticed my friend looks rather differently
  7. Two Foot Blue II

    This two foot blue catfish beauty was feeding on mussels and thought he bonuses on a worm. In his attempt to flee, he swam into my other poles hook and hooked his tail. Poor guy filleted nicely, generously over a foot. Even made big nuggets out the leftover and head meat. Caught on live earthworms.
  8. Two foot blue

    This mornings catch was on live earthworms bottom fishing at night. I also caught a foot long gaspergou. He doesn’t count, even though he’s also my dinner. I’m actually collecting catfish fur our tri-Annual fish fry
  9. LargemouthBassFootLong

    This rather beautiful large-mouthbass was accepted into my freezer, caught bottom fishing caught on a live earthworm.
  10. FootAndOneHalf Blue

    After 2 horrible days of no bites and snags, The Fish Whisperer went on a crazed and frenzied rampage. Storming the Wal-Mart sporting goods isles, he broke down and bought artificial baits and scents. Upon switching back to live nightcrawlers and waiting six hours, the Fish Whisperer had his dinner
  11. Blue Cat Behemoth

    Not my biggest, but this is a good day for the Fish Whisperer. I’m 5’11”, this one’s Over 2 1/2 feet long (maybe 3) he easily dwarfs my arm and is over half my wingspan. I caught him using Big Red brand worms, I can dig my own but I gave this a try. He’s wider and longer, he’s at a tilted angle
  12. All Catfishing
    I've been doing a lot of carp fishing lately, and having great success using a hair rig with plastic corn. I've been thinking that a larger version of a hair rig might work really well for fishing for catfish with live baits. Has anyone tried this?
1-12 of 12 Results