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  1. 55 Lb Blucat

    a good night on Wheeler, 55 lb
    55 lb
  2. 60 Lb Blu Cat

    another big blue cat . on Wheeler lake one of 10 fish 300 lb of fish that night
  3. 8lb Channel Cat

    that is me holding the pole 5 years ago
  4. 1# Fish Back From Afghanistan

    #1 fish of 2008
    10 lb
  5. 44lb

    Summer of 07' Markland
  6. June 27 5-lb personal record channel cat

    Since I mainly fish a creek, the cats I catch aren't very big. But this one was real nice to catch - a female full of eggs. (I didn't know that until I cut her open.) My personal best cat. Caught on sucker-minnow, fresh caught w/ my cast net.
1-7 of 7 Results