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  1. Bass Fishing
    Imagine 9 miles of isolated creek water full of 1-3lb spotted bass. Bass that may not have ever as much seen a hook and line. Then add 8 hours of topwater explosions. That is the bass heaven my friend and I experienced this past weekend. We launched our kayaks around 8am and pulled out at 6pm...
  2. Catfishing Videos
    In my opinion kayak catfishing is about as fun as it gets. It can be work, but the payoff is always worth it! Here's a look at some of the fun from this season. Hope you enjoy it! ~Denny
  3. Catfishing Videos
    My 2017 highlights reel. Hopefully it will help give you a little fix while we all wait for Spring to get here!
  4. Kayak Battery Box In Perspective

    This view provides perspective on the location of the battery box in the hatch. Hatch still provide plenty of room for storing cart wheels, waders, and other cargo.
  5. Kayak Battery Box In Detail

    Notice the terminal strip on the front, the power switch on the side (prevents charger power from reaching the fishfinder), the 1 A fuse, and charger plug (on right top). Inside are 6 V, 7 Ahr alarm batteries connected in series to provide 12 V.
  6. Kayak Battery Box And Transducer Mount

    The battery box is an inexpensive container strapped to the kayak using a 1/4" nylon cord tied around the scupper "pillars." Transducer is mounted to the hull using marine goop in a 3" PVC protective shielding.
  7. Katyak Flying Her Colors

    This is the katyak flying colors! Rubber grommets hold flag to a driveway marker pole, and at the bottom to hold flag securely in cooler pocket. Notice also the RAM camera mount up front, and the KatBobber floats and safety float.
  8. kayak fishing the Pee Dee

    32lbs, not our biggest by a long shot. But I just think its a cool looking picture.
  9. Maiden voyage of the "Katyak"

    June 29, 2007; Lake Brittle, Virginia; the second fish caught by the "Katyak": a 11.5", 1.25 lb. female bluegill. The first was a channel catfish!
  10. Maiden voyage of the "Katyak"

    June 29, 2007; Lake Brittle, Virginia; first fish caught on this craft--a 20", 3.5 lb. channel catfish!
  11. Maiden voyage of the "Katyak"

    June 29, 2007; Lake Brittle, Virginia; a good day for catfishing in the "Katyak."
  12. Maiden voyage of the "Katyak"

    June 29, 2007; Lake Brittle Virginia; first fish caught--20", 3.5 lb. channel catfish!
  13. Maiden voyage of the "Katyak"

    June 29, 2007; Lake Brittle, Virginia; maiden voyage of "Katyak," a Heritage Redfish 12' Angler kayak.
  14. WS Pamilco 135T

    On the Potomac for spring stripers
  15. WS Pamlico 135T

    My fishing and family Kayak
  16. Ocoee

    Kayaking on the Ocoee River in Tennessee
1-16 of 16 Results