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  1. Kansas River BLUE CAT graduate project update

    I have had a few people send messages asking how my blue cat research is going so far so I thought would post an update. It has taken some time to learn the river and how to effectively catch blues. The kansas river is well known for being difficult to navigate and blue catfish are known to be...
  2. Fort Riley/Junction City/Manhattan Flathead Fishing?

    Alright guys, I made a similar post last year and had a few replies. I'm stationed on Fort Riley and I'm trying to get on some fish. Specifically Flathead. I checked out Rocky Ford and had some luck there. I've also fished a spot or two on the Kaw and have had 0 luck. Fishing with a mix of...
  3. Kansas River Access Spots Around Fort Riley?

    Hey guys, made this account after seeing how good the community was around here. I'm an active duty soldier new to the fort riley area and Im just looking for a good spot on the Kansas river where I could get into some flathead. I've went to so many places and have caught everything from drum to...
  4. 23 lb blue front

    23 lb blue front

  5. Kccats pics

    Kccats pics

    29 lb flathead from the Kaw in May?