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    Hey guys, My buddy and i went down to Monroe last week. I have a 20 foot lowe catfish. We fished the pinegrove ramp area. Went up into the creek portion and anchor fished for a while. Its got some killer structure. We were using cut shad, live shad, live gills for bait. Fished a 6 rod spread...
  2. Wildcat Creek Flattie

    Wildcat Creek Flattie

    14.5 pounds, caught on cut sucker with AbuGarcia 6000 spooled with 40lb Big Game
  3. 50lb. bluecat

    50lb. bluecat

    Here is a fifty pounder caught on the Ohio River near Mt. Vernon.
  4. Wabash River 9/21/07

    Wabash River 9/21/07

    Flathead001 9/21/07