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  1. Pond Fishing
    I have been daydreaming for quite a while about what my perfect 'dream pond' would be if resources were not an obstacle. It would be 10-15 acres with a strong, clean creek flowing into it from a wooded area that kept the water cooler than most other Northeast Ga. ponds. It would have the...
  2. Striper Fishing
    I was fishing for catfish with chicken livers on a bobber about 4-5 feet off the bank underneath a bridge on Lake Oconee. I was fishing shallow because the current was strong when this guy hit. I had read about catching hybrids once before with chicken livers but had never heard firsthand...
  3. Hybrid Below Old Hickory Dam (chicken livers)

    Hybrid caught below Old Hickory Dam on chicken livers 2005
1-3 of 3 Results