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  1. Help finding bait

    First post Hi fellow catfishers and thanks for allowing me to join and learn. I am really new to the cat fishing scene. I started watching kayak catfish and catfish Dave on YouTube and I got the itch. Bought the gear and went out chasing bait in November, first fishing trip in December. I’ve...
  2. St. John’s river catfishing.

    hi. I’m a catifsherman from Florida, and I am going to the Saint johns river to fish soon. I have pulled a 15lb catfish, as well as Giant gar.But my goal is to get a 30 pound blue cat fish. Is there anyone who Is willing to give me some tips? I am going to be fishing off the dock in the widest...
  3. James river fishing fail need help

    I'm new to the forum, and I wish I had known it about before my second annual trip to virginia to go catfishing for really anything but had little results I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I was using a 8/0 circle hook with cut shad on a Carolina rig with a 3oz sinker and was dropping anchor...
  4. New to Blues

    Blue Catfishing
    Need some help. I am a walleye guy and up until a couple years ago have never fished for cats. Started camping at a cooling lake in Illinois and fish it every weekend. Not much for bass or crappie so tried my hand at fishing for cats. I go to the hot water discharge and throw my cast net for...
  5. Cny and northern ny

    Hey yall.... So first yr fishing for catfish..... Dexter has channel cats bullhead and blues..... Ive seen all 3 in person but have only caught two bullhead this yr.... Im using braided line and team cat fish hooks with worms..... And tried secret 7.....what the heck am i doing wrong..... Ps...
  6. Reelfoot lake channel cats help?

    Channel Catfish
    Taking a trip to reelfoot with my family in a few weeks and need some help if anybody can. What bait and rigs to use. Best places on lake to try. Read all the threads I could find on reelfoot without much help. Any advice would be great thank you.
  7. Reelfoot lake help?

    So I'm taking a trip to reelfoot at the beginning on July and need help. Read through all the old threads that I could findwithout much help. Sense it's been three years sense the most recent does anybody have any new advice on spots, rigs, or baits. Also best place to rent a boat from.