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    hi. I’m a catifsherman from Florida, and I am going to the Saint johns river to fish soon. I have pulled a 15lb catfish, as well as Giant gar.But my goal is to get a 30 pound blue cat fish. Is there anyone who Is willing to give me some tips? I am going to be fishing off the dock in the widest...
    What are some good flathead catfish fishing locations from land in Northern Florida? I have read that there is some good fishing for them in the Apalachicola River but have not gone there yet since its a far drive from where I live in South Florida. Thinking of going up soon to Northern Florida...
  3. Fun in the sun!

    My Golden Retriever, Bradley, on his first trip to the beach.
  4. The ol' stumphole

    This was originally an old-growth pine forest, eventually claimed by the sea. There's supposed to be some good fishing here, but the only things biting that day were hardhead catfish and hordes of mosquitos.
  5. Stingray!

    Caught in the surf (Cape San Blas, Fl). Quite a fighter he was. No idea on the weight - it took me a while to figure out how to get him back to sea, and no way I was going to TRY to weigh this thing.
1-5 of 5 Results