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  1. Fishing Rod Review
    Howdy folks, This past summer I really got into targeting big catfish and it payed off more than I could ever have imagined. However, in the early spring when I first started I got my butt kicked several times by large catfish. As a result I over buffed my arsenal somewhat. I purchased two heavy...
    I've been going out and shore fishing by the inlet to the lake (the waterfall), behind the firehouse, and that circle drive off Dennis. Other times I take my kayak back in the creek that feeds into the lake. That's mainly where I've been fish. Mostly all after sunset. I always use live...
    Have not seen to much going on here but I thought I'd go ahead and put my latest report up and see if anyone is out there. Fished Fort Gibson last weekend mouth of Spring Creek above and below, mostly drifting but some anchored. Caught a few eaters 4 or 5 and about the same number of throw...
    Has anyone been fishing on the big muddy yet? I've been watching the water temperatures, it seems like the time is here for flatheads.
  5. Pond Fishing
    I have been daydreaming for quite a while about what my perfect 'dream pond' would be if resources were not an obstacle. It would be 10-15 acres with a strong, clean creek flowing into it from a wooded area that kept the water cooler than most other Northeast Ga. ponds. It would have the...
  6. Fishing Reel Review
    Hey all. I've been a game fisherman for years, now I'm thinking about getting into catfish and rough fish. Is it fun? :wink1: Anyways, I need some advice on gear to get me started. Here's the situation: I'm new to catfishing, live in the Minneapolis area, would be fishing the Minnesota and...
    My plans for CATFISHING in 2018 My brother and I agreed that we will be fishing at different spot from the bank next season. A lot will depend on how well he can walk. We have scouted out a number of places on the Ohio side of the river. That he might be able to get down to the bank. All of...
  8. Sugar Creek, 30lb 4oz

    Shallow Water Flatheads
  9. Sugar Creek, 30lb 4oz

    Shallow Water Flatheads
  10. First one May 25 2011

    23 to 25 pounder
  11. handful of ops

    first good catch this year
  12. Sandy Back Flathead

    Low winter flow and slower movements of the fish allow flathead's to have sand and silt acumulate on there backs.
  13. 5 in half hour

    The fish didn't start biting until 2 A.M. And they quit at 2:30 and this is what I have to show for it.The biggest is 32lbs and the smallest is 8lbs.
  14. 40 and 18

    Caught these two right before thunderstorm.They weighed 40lb 2oz and 18lb 6oz.
1-14 of 14 Results