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    So when I got back to my truck after fishing last weekend I noticed a paper shoved under my windshield wiper. It was an online survey of how fishing on the river was going. It was simple to fill out and took a few minutes. Not bad for a survey. I wonder why they are surveying. The river seems to...
    Talked to the old timers who fish the river daily when I went out last weekend and was told that the flathead bite has slowed down this past week. Water temps have reached the lower 70s so I'm assuming they are spawning right about now. They we're catching a bunch of them from shore with 4-6"...
    Has anyone been out on the Minnesota river yet? Any word on what's biting? Are there any people in Minnesota besides me that looks at these forums?
  4. Flathead Catfish
    I am hoping to do some serious flatheading this year. I moved to Kansas, and the flatties get a lot bigger here than they do in Michigan. I believe I have a good chance of beating my pb, but since I didn't have a scale until this last Christmas, I don't know what my pb is... What do you guys...
  5. fullsizeoutput_651.jpeg

    Biggest Flathead from White River as of 10/10/2020
  6. 20190914_233744.jpg

    Big Fish Winner 2019 Gathering (38lb)
    Hey guys, We're out here to find the monsters on the Kansas and Missouri rivers and we're interested to see what you've caught and what city you're in. Let's see it! My buddy Jo fought this 47.5# Flat the other night at the Kansas River out in Shawnee, KS. I also fell in the river trying to...
  8. Terminal Tackle Review
    Recently I've started targeting bigger fish, I've been bottom fishing a lake near by with bluegill as bait. It has treated me with several nice sized channal catfish (5-8lbers) . Today I hook the biggest fish of my life, I'm assuming a flathead atleast 20lb. I was running 30lb mono with a slip...
  9. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    Thought I would share some good memories catching those cats this year!
  10. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    Hello everyone, I just wanted to celebrate my first flathead. The irony of this is the fact that I’m from Louisiana and have grown up fishing the Red River, blues and channels are not lacking but never a flathead. Moved to Kansas for work, found a nearby spot to sit and fish a while (log jam in...
    I've been going out and shore fishing by the inlet to the lake (the waterfall), behind the firehouse, and that circle drive off Dennis. Other times I take my kayak back in the creek that feeds into the lake. That's mainly where I've been fish. Mostly all after sunset. I always use live...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Hey guys, I’m fairly new here and would like some information and/or tips for putting catfish structure in some ponds. I live in Minnesota near maple Grove and have driven by and fished a few gravel pits in the area. I’ve seen a few small catfish in them, but would like to encourage them to...
    Howdy, folks. Just wondering if anybody has had much luck for flatheads on the Maumee near Liberty Center. I fished it a few times last year and didn't manage a bite.
    Flathead fished for 2 days near Napoleon (June 48th and 5th). Not a dang bite. I think it's odd how there isn't a lot of bait to be caught in the river. We tried hard to catch a bluegill but failed. Ran cutbait for 20 hours with no takers. Any advice? I think they're spawning to be honest.
    Anyone caught any big flathead over at Geary ? I know I’ve caught a bunch of small ones. Just wondering if there are any bigger ones in there.
    Alright guys, I made a similar post last year and had a few replies. I'm stationed on Fort Riley and I'm trying to get on some fish. Specifically Flathead. I checked out Rocky Ford and had some luck there. I've also fished a spot or two on the Kaw and have had 0 luck. Fishing with a mix of...
  17. Catfishing Videos
    My 2017 highlights reel. Hopefully it will help give you a little fix while we all wait for Spring to get here!
  18. Fishing Reel Review
    Hey all, Been reading a lot of great discussions on this page and thought I would throw out a few questions for my first post. I really started getting into catfishing about five or so years ago and after buying cheap gear the past couple years I am finally ready to step up my game and buy some...
    August 13 th. Since my brother had not caught a fish and his health is a problem, he decided to hire a guide for a trip. We meet the guide at 06:00 in the morning with his and my help my brother was able to get into the boat. The guide provided the bait and my rods. My brother insisted on...
    Hey guys, made this account after seeing how good the community was around here. I'm an active duty soldier new to the fort riley area and Im just looking for a good spot on the Kansas river where I could get into some flathead. I've went to so many places and have caught everything from drum to...
1-20 of 148 Results