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    Killing the cats on these fiberglass bank poles. I thought I'd share my way of making one (the way I attach them is a bit unique). I do a quick release line on mine that I think is easier to hang and take off while in the current of a big river. Anyway..... hope someone enjoys this. I set a...
  2. 1975 Fabuglass

    New flooring, Marine Carpet, Interlux marine paint, Instrument controls and more.
  3. 1975 Fabuglass

    another before photo
  4. 1975 Fabuglass

    All new everything
  5. 1975 Fabuglass fish & ski

    After I restored it. 16'
  6. 1975 Fabuglass

    Before about 5 gallons of sweat and 1500.00
1-6 of 6 Results