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  1. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    another trip to the MO, this time from shore and a couple creek carpin yielded my first shovelnose, who leaped fully out of the water, this nice 8.5lb flattie, several nice drum and some small channels.....nicest weather of the year!!!!....combine these with a number of bass, bluegill, green...
  2. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    So....finally made my first two MO river was a blast!!!. So much learning to do, but I caught drum, flatheads, channels and blues, plus always fun to catch gar on my rope lures!...My little boat looks like an armored carrier, but its a tank and was easy to navigate...
  3. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    So, I admit, I'm a pathologic fisherman.....fortunately, there's no 12 step program and I wouldn't take it anyway.......not so many catfish or carp so far, but pushing 500 fish, including a bass grand slam (3 species in a day), a bass super grand slam (4 species in a day), some trout, panfish...
    August 20th. I picked up my brother around 09:30 for some catfishing on the Ohio River. We started putting our lines in the water around 10:20. There was a refreshing down river breeze and fast current at our spot. At 10:45 my brother hooked into a fish, it was a Sheep Head Perch (drum). It...
  5. Dam Drum

    Another nasty ol' Cumberland River drum
1-5 of 5 Results