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  1. Party Barge

    The biggest party boat I've ever seen - it's actually built on a barge! Locking through at the Cheatham Dam on the Cumberland River
  2. Dam Drum

    Another nasty ol' Cumberland River drum
  3. blue cat

    ~22lb blue caught in the Cumberland at the mouth of the Harpeth
  4. Cumberland River!

    Blue Catfish weight 26 lbs 1 oz. Caught on a Skipjack Head Friday 25 August 2006. Equipment used: Rod Breckley Glow Stick 7' 6", reel ABU 6000, 65 Lb test Power Pro, 3oz. no-roll sinker,1/0 snap swivel, 50 lb leader and 4/0 kahle hook.
1-4 of 4 Results