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    Hey guys. New member here. Looking for some tips on where and how to fish for some big cats on the rivers. Unfortunately no boat for me, so I am really looking to hear from the dedicated shore fisherman. Anything will help as I've been skunked the last 2 times i went out. Thanks everybody. Cant...
    Howdy, folks. Just wondering if anybody has had much luck for flatheads on the Maumee near Liberty Center. I fished it a few times last year and didn't manage a bite.
  3. June 27 5-lb personal record channel cat

    Since I mainly fish a creek, the cats I catch aren't very big. But this one was real nice to catch - a female full of eggs. (I didn't know that until I cut her open.) My personal best cat. Caught on sucker-minnow, fresh caught w/ my cast net.
  4. ky lake channel cat

    ~8lb channel cat - caught in cane creek on Kentucky Lake
1-4 of 4 Results