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  1. Big ol' rockfish!

    25lb+ striped bass caught on the Cumberland River @ Cheatham Dam - my personal best.
  2. Party Barge

    The biggest party boat I've ever seen - it's actually built on a barge! Locking through at the Cheatham Dam on the Cumberland River
  3. Flood gates

    It's not often I see them open the gates at Cheatham Dam. Needless to say, the bite turned off.
  4. dam shad

    Shad pushed up against the bluff at Cheatham Dam - all the bait you want with a dip basket
  5. Generator holes

    Powerhouse at the Cheatham Dam
  6. dam sunrise

    Another day begins at Cheatham Dam
  7. dam set-up

    Set up at my favorite bankfishing spot (@ Cheatham Dam)
1-7 of 7 Results