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  1. Blacks Camp

    Blacks Camp

    These Big Kats were caught on Lake Moultrie, anchored at the Dam using live....shad
  2. Big Santee Cat

    Big Santee Cat

    Caught this Big Blue at Santee, in S.C.
  3. My Best

    My Best

    I caught this big feller on a little sunfish 4.0 hook 60 pound braid on the banks of casey creek he was 50 pound 6 oz.
  4. Jeff & I Blue Catfish

    Jeff & I Blue Catfish

  5. 30lb Blue

    30lb Blue

    Caught this blue 12-1-07 at 12:45 pm sitting on my dock on Logan Martin Lake, Pell City, Al.
  6. 51 lb Blue

    51 lb Blue

    Caught this 51 lb Blue right before sun up in late november on Logan Martin Lake, Pell City Alabama.
  7. The ones that wouldn't fit

    The ones that wouldn't fit

    These are some more fish caught the last weekend in September at Texoma.
  8. The catch part 1

    The catch part 1

    These were all caught at Lake Texoma the last weeekend of September 07 on jug lines. There were a total of 90, give or take a few, fish. All are either blues or channels.
  9. ricks big cats

    ricks big cats

    big cats
  10. Pretty Nice Fish

    Pretty Nice Fish

    Had a little fun with this 12lb Flat head, Caught this one on rotten nightcrawlers,and suspended line.
  11. the big two

    the big two

    38lbs. 32 lbs. Pee Dee river2004, Blues caught on half an eel
  12. 43 pound blue cat

    43 pound blue cat

    This is my biggest blue cat so far. I caught him off the bank a couple years ago on a fillet of carp. He was 43 lb.
  13. Wisconsin River Cats

    Wisconsin River Cats

    Two beautiful Channel Cats take on the Wisconsin River.. 18 lber, and a 14 lber...