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    Hey folks! Just moved to Virginia from Florida about 2 months ago. I have a Nucanoe Unlimited and I'm looking to start fishing the James for catfish. I am also interested in bank fishing around dams. Are there any tips for kayak catfishing? Are there any dams around the James that are accessible...
    So when I got back to my truck after fishing last weekend I noticed a paper shoved under my windshield wiper. It was an online survey of how fishing on the river was going. It was simple to fill out and took a few minutes. Not bad for a survey. I wonder why they are surveying. The river seems to...
    Talked to the old timers who fish the river daily when I went out last weekend and was told that the flathead bite has slowed down this past week. Water temps have reached the lower 70s so I'm assuming they are spawning right about now. They we're catching a bunch of them from shore with 4-6"...
    Has anyone been out on the Minnesota river yet? Any word on what's biting? Are there any people in Minnesota besides me that looks at these forums?
    Hello everyone. Haven't seen anyone post anything yet so I was just wondering how the water levels are on the Missouri river in the Sioux city area. I'm heading down that way this week to fish. Are the wingd*** still above water? I did look online and found a site that said the water levels are...
  6. All Catfishing
    I’m trying to decide between getting a set of mag troll 16” planer boards or getting a set of b Kat planer boards any suggestions would help… I would be using the these boards for trolling at a very little to no speed for stripers using live bait or cut bait for catfish. A rattle flag would be...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey so I just joined the site hopefully I get bit tomorrow I'm going to be fishing a miniature float rig for catfish at Balboa lake I caught a 15 lb channel catfish right there one time using shrimp hopefully I can replicate the exact or similar bite I've had lots of success on shrimp bought...
  8. DIY Misc Fishing Things, Humor and Fishing Tales
    like they say... "there's more than one way to skin a cat". Here's my way: What's your way?
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Fishing after the storm Good morning, I went fishing about 2 hours after a storm and cold front pushed through this weekend. I don’t normally do great after a cold front, but this week was different. I think the fall bite over ruled the cold front slow down. After I found them the bite was...
  10. State-By-State Catfish Talk
    The wife and I had a great weekend of camping/fishing. It was awful windy but it sure was nice to get away from work. The grand kids came over for one night of camping and by the next day I was ready to go back to work to recover. Hahaha
  11. State-By-State Catfish Talk
    the bite seems to be picking up in my neck of the woods in western Kentucky. Frozen skipjack is doing the job in few holes. Nothing huge yet but the bite is getting steady.
  12. State-By-State Catfish Talk
    Hey guys, I fished the bank yesterday below Barkley Dam in Kentucky. There were tons of little bites but good commutable were slow. Are you seeing much improvement from the spawn in your areas?Cumberland River Bank Fishing
    WARNING: "Graphic" photos of fish innards ahead. I've tried looking up everything and haven't found anything on these things. I had just gotten done cleaning the catfish after catching it off the rocks of the Mississippi when I happened upon these. There wasn't anything in the belly meat so I'm...
    im a bank fisherman and i am looking for new places to go fishing mainly looking for Cats, Gar, and bowfin! preferably less than a two hour drive, i really love spillways off of the beaten path too, drop a pin and help a young fisherman find a honey hole
    Or type in “mofo fish” on YouTube to check it out Two huge channel catfish in a 125, they’ll be getting a 500 gallon aquarium once we move . would love to hear about other tanks and other monster fish keepers
    Hey all, new to the site. Was thinking of going out to Lake Frederick to try for some channel catfish as I heard they're stocked in the lake. I've seen a few comments online suggesting the lake can be a bit crowded, but nothing very definitive. Would appreciate any experience anyone has with the...
    How come the fish trade doesn't have many cat fish. I mean they have cat fish but I like that flathead, blue, and channel cat fish look. The majority of the ones in the fish trade don't even look like cat fish. You can't keep a cat fish unless it is a certain size. I want to raise my own cat...
  18. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    ....just some more kittie pics to get me through the upcoming winter!......Kirk (MO)...
  19. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    Been fishing as much as possible- pushing for 1,000 fish for the year and only 100 away!. Catfish have made the bulk of the fish, with most 3-6 lbs, but topped recently by this nice channel at 28" and just under 11lbs! Drum, carp, trout, bluegill, green sunfish, bass, ( another IGFA grand slam...
  20. Site Help and Suggestions
    Has anybody ever thought about turning contact lens case holders into rattles like the versa rattles from whisker seekers you can put a couple of BB's and in it drill a small hole in it to run your line through or you could attach it to a sinker slider. I haven't tried it myself but do you think...
1-20 of 247 Results