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    Hey there Catfish1 community, I was wondering if any of you guys have fished silver lake metro park (not the river) for channel cats. I'm relatively new to catfishing so any advice about this place helps. What bait works best and how large is an average channel cat caught from there? Thanks
  2. Shad Talk
    Been reading discussions on this site for a while now, and finally decided to create an account and become part of the discussions. Relatively new fisherman and boat owner here; so go easy on me haha! Anyone in the Kansas City Area (Missouri Side) know some good places to catch shad for...
  3. Homemade baits
    Hello cat fisherman. Greetings from Tennessee! I made a discovery you will want to try. I have always used garlic on chicken pieces to catch catfish. I tried an experiment. I took some curry powder and sprinkled on my chicken bait and let it marinade overnight. I took chicken with garlic to a...
  4. Catfishing Baits
    I've noticed that recently some of the video's Catfish Dave has put out that he started using catfish for bait. Maybe one of you guys could answer for me has he just used bluecat, which it appears to me that's what he has used, or has he used some of his less than favorite channel cats? Also...
    can anyone tell me where a good spot close to south knoxville for catching skipjack would be? any dam in particular that seems to have a healthy population?
    I keep catching tiny catfish instead of perch or bluegill. I wanted to ask before killing a baby catfish for know reason. Thanks.
  7. Homemade baits
    A friend of mine told me about mixing a can of cheap biscuit dough and hambuger for catfish. I did he instructions he gave me. when I tried it on the river the dough just feel of the hook! I wonder what I need to add to the stuff so it says on the hook for a reason amout of time. Thanks in...
    need to buy some frozen bait. any suggestions. dave
  9. Catfishing Baits
    When using chicken livers ( or any other baits ) for catfish bait, you know how easy they come off the hook? Well try this, ask your ol lady for an old pair of her panty hose that have holes or runs. If you don't have an ol lady ? Get a cheap pair at the store. Depending on the size of chicken...
    Does anyone know where I can buy some shad or skipjack? I can't find anywhere that sells them and its hard for me to castnet them from the bank. Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results