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    Been tearing into some decent Chesapeake Bay blue cats on the little gills. Cut the dorsal and throw them live. Spring water temps are getting the fish all the more agitated, been pulling drag and busting the surface just after hookset. A lot of fun to be had out there. EDIT: Just the other day...
    I am back from my Florida fishing trip. The motel we stayed at was a good set up for us. They had a small dock that was off the inter costal water way for us to fish if we wanted. My friend is a pier fishermen fan so we did go to 2 different piers in two days. It is a very different way of...
    Santee Rig Setup! I am going to put this rig on my catfish rods this season except my regular bobber rig rod hope it helps. I need all the help I can get for more catfish action this coming season. Wondering if folks have had better action with the rig on the Ohio River. When it gets spring...
1-3 of 3 Results