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  1. Fishing Bait Review
    Wondering if anyone has frozen bullheads for either cut or whole fish bait? Curious opif they become mushy like shad and other typical baitfish do once they're unthawed since they don't have scales. I think I might have finally found a gold mine of a bullhead spot, hopefully anyway and I think...
    Can anybody tell me what species this looks like? It has the face and tale of a bullhead, but the length and spots of a channel, what is it!?
    Caught in North Eastern PA. Cant tell if it is a Bullhead or a Flathead from the pics. Any expert opinion would be helpful!
  4. Bullhead's

    Being a bullhead fishernan, here in Iowa we are still catch'em. These guy's tasted great!
  5. Brother Dave & Bullheads

    Me, Brother Dave with a stringer of black bulls.
  6. Iowa Black Bullhead's

    Nice group of bullheads from a fishing outing. I love fishing for bullheads.
  7. little bullhead

    just a little bullhead, caught juggin with sunfish head
1-8 of 8 Results