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  1. Boating
    I have an old Jon boat skinny that was my Granddads, grew up fishing in this boat on the creeks in GA. My Granddad never did anything to the boat except take really good care of it. No holes, rust, and very little dents. Now I have it and want to make it into a regular use boat that I can use...
    Normally catfishing from September to the end of October is the best time on the Ohio River. The river is clear, stable and the temperature is mild. NOT this year for the month of September has been very hot with heat index in the high 90’s. Then when it was not hot the rains pushed the river to...
    August 9th. I picked up my grandson around 07:45 and headed for the West side of Cincinnati to launch the boat. We got the boat in the river around 08:20 and headed down river. I tried to net some shad, but had no luck. I had spotted a friend that was fishing in the area, he wave us up to his...
    June 22nd. I finally got my boat on the Ohio River for the first time this season! The river had been down however the heat indexes were over 100 degrees the past 4 days. I picked up my grandson around 08:00, then headed to get gas for the boat motor. We then took off for the ramp to do some...
    April 28th. I picked up my grandson for a shakedown trip with my boat at 10:45. It was a very cold, cloudy and windy morning. I took the boat to a lake instead of the Ohio River due to the river being too high. We launched the boat at 11:40, and the lake was very muddy and choppy waves from the...
  6. Boat Modification Journal
    I needed a way to keep the rain and snow from pooling on my tarp, so I came up with this..... Hope it helps others.
    I am thinking of coming up Wv. for some catfishing this Fall. Is the a person that can take me out in a boat for some action. I am eager to get some decent size catfish. Will be willing to cover gas money ramp fees. P.m. me if you can do something like that. Thanks Norb
    June 8th Update 09:20 I picked up my grandson and got some gas then headed for the river and the first trip in the boat for this year. We finally got the boat in the water around 10:15. I headed the boat down river stronger current than I had expected. I stopped the boat at a creek mouth to...
    I checked out the Ohio River by Cincinnati this morning. It is still very muddy with a swift current. Looks like the level will be down to below 28 ft by the 6th. of June. I am intending to get out in my boat for some catfishing hopefully on Tuesday. I have some frozen skipjack and creek...
  10. Keeta Girl

    My Boat
  11. Keeta Girl

    My Boat
  12. cat boat transformation

    rod holders mounted
  13. 1975 Skeeter deck boat

    Skeeter " Sweet Thing " Deck boat
  14. Weldbilt 1652

    Our little 16ft river boat
  15. The Beast

    This is a Army issued PT boat armor plated. It has a 40hp jonhson it is 19ft long and 6.5ft wide
  16. Jagger In Boat

    Jagger in boat
  17. Mike J Boat

  18. My Short Boat

    My boat
1-20 of 34 Results