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    Have not seen to much going on here but I thought I'd go ahead and put my latest report up and see if anyone is out there. Fished Fort Gibson last weekend mouth of Spring Creek above and below, mostly drifting but some anchored. Caught a few eaters 4 or 5 and about the same number of throw...
  2. Pond Fishing
    I have been daydreaming for quite a while about what my perfect 'dream pond' would be if resources were not an obstacle. It would be 10-15 acres with a strong, clean creek flowing into it from a wooded area that kept the water cooler than most other Northeast Ga. ponds. It would have the...
  3. Blue Catfishing
    Need some help. I am a walleye guy and up until a couple years ago have never fished for cats. Started camping at a cooling lake in Illinois and fish it every weekend. Not much for bass or crappie so tried my hand at fishing for cats. I go to the hot water discharge and throw my cast net for...
    My plans for CATFISHING in 2018 My brother and I agreed that we will be fishing at different spot from the bank next season. A lot will depend on how well he can walk. We have scouted out a number of places on the Ohio side of the river. That he might be able to get down to the bank. All of...
  5. Dad and I with a nice Blue

    My dad caught this nice Blue during the summer of 2006. The fish was CPR'd.
  6. Nice 30 Pound Blue

    Caught this nice fish during the summer of 2006. She was CPR'd after this photo.
  7. Mississippi Blue

    Caught this nice blue on Shad in August 2005. She was CPR'd.
  8. 63 Pound Mississippi River Blue Cat

    Caught this Big Beautifull Blue in August 2005. She took a 9 inch filet of Asian Carp down the river 50 yards before I could coax her back to the boat. She is too date my best and longest battle with a Blue Cat.
  9. 50 Pound Mississippi River Blue

    Caught this beautifull Blue in August 2007. She tipped the scales at 51 pounds. She was put back in the river after this photo was taken.
  10. 40+ Mississippi Blue

    Was on the river alone, so had to give the ol gal a hug to get her photo. She was CPR'd. Caught August 2007.
  11. Ryan's New Personal Best Blue - 40 Pounds

    I was fortunate to have my buddy Ryan in my boat when he whacked this 40 pound pig. His new Personal Best. He caught the fish on a submerged wing ****, in 25 feet of water on skipjack. In typical BOC fashion, Ryan CPR'd the fish. Nice job Ryan!!
  12. Nice blue cats and a striper

    Nice blues and a striper caught by my dad and I in lake gaston around halloween. 11 fish total with biggest being a 27 pound blue caught by me. My dads striper was 10 pounds.
  13. Catfish Huntr's Fishn on the James

    Catfish Huntr's son was having a great Birthday.
  14. Catfish Huntr and Son Fishn on the James

    Catfish Huntr's Son with a Big Birthday Blue.
1-17 of 17 Results