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  1. Bass Fishing
    Are there any studies about Largemouth Bass prefering Green Sunfish to Bluegill as forage? I have a large inground "goldfish" pond with 5 bass, 3 crappie, 3 channel catfish, 1 bullhead, 1 longnose gar, and depending on feeding... 30-40 assorted bluegill/greens/redbreast etc. The bass eat ALOT...
    Hey guys, My buddy and i went down to Monroe last week. I have a 20 foot lowe catfish. We fished the pinegrove ramp area. Went up into the creek portion and anchor fished for a while. Its got some killer structure. We were using cut shad, live shad, live gills for bait. Fished a 6 rod spread...
  3. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    Nice channel on live bluegill, but tough night- 3-5 "hits" on the bluegill but only one fish; after an hour of trying to find shad (without a fish finder!) but did find a needle in a haystack on shore :tongue1:............anyway, this fish fought hard-nice ending to a long night!!! Kirk
    September 15th I got access to one of our cars so decided to go fishing a small local lake. It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze when I first got to the lake. 13:30 I got my lines in the water. I had a bobber rig for catfish and a small rod for bluegills. I was casting the bobber rig...
    August 29th. My friend Joe invited me to go fishing at a pond he has access to. We got our lines in the water around 08:30, started for L.M. Bass. I got my catfish rod to start. At 08:55 Joe caught his first bass of the day; it was 12 inches 1 lb.2 oz. At 08:57 he hooked another bass about...
    April 22nd. My grandson and I headed for our local lake for some catfishing since the Ohio River is still too high to fish. We got our lines in the water around 13:30, a few minutes later my grandson caught a nice Bluegill. I felt that we were in for some action for a change. A guy to our...
    April 6th.My grandson and I tried to catch some catfish at a local county lake. Got our lines in the water around 11:40, there were already a number of other fishermen at the dam wall area. . The lake water was clouded up some and strong winds keep on gusting while we were there. We had chicken...
  8. Large BlueGill

    Just one of many hundred large Bluegills caught Cumberland River (Crickets)
1-8 of 8 Results