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  1. General Conversation
    Hey guys, I’m fairly new here and would like some information and/or tips for putting catfish structure in some ponds. I live in Minnesota near maple Grove and have driven by and fished a few gravel pits in the area. I’ve seen a few small catfish in them, but would like to encourage them to...
    Well I finally caught some catfish last week! I got out in my boat on the 19th., and fished the downtown section of the Ohio River. That was the first time I fished that area all year. I fished from 10:30 till 13:30, fished three different spots. The first two I never even got a tap. There...
  3. Terminal Tackle Review
    I have always used circle hooks when fishing for channel catfish, but I know every fish is not the same. I have heard alot about kahle hooks. If I fall asleep on the job one night on my boat, and my baitclicker is sounding off like crazy do I need to set the hook on a kahle hook? What make...
  4. Fishing Reel Review
    I am looking to start back flathead fishing but don't want to catch the small ones, I want to have a reel that is very universal. For instance I want to be able to break the state record here in Eastern North Carolina which is currently 78 lbs., as well as breaking the world record blue catfish...
  5. bluecat 4-14-2011

    bluecat 4-14-2011

  6. 32 Pound Blue

    32 Pound Blue

    nice 32lb bluecat check out all of my pictures hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i enjoyed catching them :)
  7. Mo River 30lb Bluecat

    Mo River 30lb Bluecat

    Caught this fish on cut shad head in 22' water column on midnight with my brother Mike.
  8. Grain Elevator Bluecat

    Grain Elevator Bluecat

  9. My Best Cat To Date - 68lbs

    My Best Cat To Date - 68lbs

    My best blue so far-68lbs
  10. 98 Lb. Bluecat My Personal Best

    98 Lb. Bluecat My Personal Best

    Here is a 98 lb. Bluecat that is my personal best.
  11. 49 Lb Blue

    49 Lb Blue

    caught on the Cumberland river, during fish and camp 09
  12. 29lbs


    29 pound blue from lake texoma
  13. Personal Best Bluecat

    Personal Best Bluecat

    35 pound blue catfish, caught on cut creek chubs.
  14. 22 Lb

    22 Lb

    22 lb
  15. 34lb. blue

    34lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Bluecat
  16. 33lb. blue

    33lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Blue
  17. 48lb. blue

    48lb. blue

    2007 Ohio River Bluecat
  18. 50lb. bluecat

    50lb. bluecat

    Here is a fifty pounder caught on the Ohio River near Mt. Vernon.
  19. My sons first big Blue

    My sons first big Blue

    Dakota's 1st Big fish, he caught this 18 lb blue all by himself at 4 years old, he's 6 now, and still dreams of landing a bigger fish.
  20. 68lb Blue

    68lb Blue

    68lb Bluecat