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    Hello everyone. Haven't seen anyone post anything yet so I was just wondering how the water levels are on the Missouri river in the Sioux city area. I'm heading down that way this week to fish. Are the wingd*** still above water? I did look online and found a site that said the water levels are...
    I'm new to this forum and excited to be here. Been catching quite a few blue catfish at WDM dam near Pendleton most ranging from 12 to 15 lbs and a few over 20. This morning I got this strange looking catfish that is colored like a koi. This one was 11 pounds and looks like a blue but strange...
  3. State-BY-State Catfish Talk
    I took a little time to fix a broken pole this weekend plus the wife and I got out to chase a few fish and fight the holiday crowd.
    I have been fishing the Rio Grande from Albuquerque to Elephant butte for a little while now and have been trying to gather some information but the New Mexico state sub forum has been dormant for a while. Anyone fish the Rio Grande?
  5. IMG_2212.jpg

    My Biggest Blue Catfish as of 10/10/2020
  6. IMG_1758.jpg

    First Big Blue Catfish from the Ohio River
  7. IMG_2197 2.jpg

    Blue catfish form Ohio River
  8. fullsizeoutput_6d8.jpeg

    Blue caught below Scottsburg, IN on the White with Eric74.
  9. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    So....finally made my first two MO river was a blast!!!. So much learning to do, but I caught drum, flatheads, channels and blues, plus always fun to catch gar on my rope lures!...My little boat looks like an armored carrier, but its a tank and was easy to navigate...
  10. All Catfishing
    Hey guys, I am going to be crossing the Mississippi on my way to Kansas, and I am hoping to fish it on sunday while we are there. We will be stopping in the hannibal, MO area, and I am wondering if anyone has any tips for bank fishing a river like the Mississippi. What size weight? Features to...
    Hey guys, We're out here to find the monsters on the Kansas and Missouri rivers and we're interested to see what you've caught and what city you're in. Let's see it! My buddy Jo fought this 47.5# Flat the other night at the Kansas River out in Shawnee, KS. I also fell in the river trying to...
    Hey guys, My buddy and i went down to Monroe last week. I have a 20 foot lowe catfish. We fished the pinegrove ramp area. Went up into the creek portion and anchor fished for a while. Its got some killer structure. We were using cut shad, live shad, live gills for bait. Fished a 6 rod spread...
    Hey, I am new to the RVA area and was going to try for some catfish but I am not sure where to launch. I fish from a kayak and would ideally like to paddle no more than 3-4 miles in one direction, so I might not be able to get to all the "best" spots. I looked at some depth charts and my...
  14. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    I had to help him a bit, considering it was a hand me down "spiderman" rod from his cousin, and on 5lb test! I thought some of you may enjoy this, bringing it in on that rod was one of the best fights I had in a long time. I cut some of the fight to keep it interesting, it took almost 10 mins...
  15. Member Fishing Reports (Become a Fishing Legend)
    Hi all! ( and thanks for all the tips and advice!) Mr Bush Hog was kind enough to invite me on a trip to Truman tailwaters/Osage river last Friday to show me the ropes of drift bumping for blues....After a 2 hour rain delay (mostly lightening), we headed out. He was a gracious host and...
    Hi all! Newbie here. I have a 16ft jon boat with a 20HP mercury, trolling motor, 2 25lb anchors, rod holders and big catfish gear with a live well. I catch flatheads and channels regularly, but I'd love to bottom bump with shad, but a little fearful of the mighty mo- can I fish the MO...
  17. Blue Catfishing
    Need some help. I am a walleye guy and up until a couple years ago have never fished for cats. Started camping at a cooling lake in Illinois and fish it every weekend. Not much for bass or crappie so tried my hand at fishing for cats. I go to the hot water discharge and throw my cast net for...
    I have had a few people send messages asking how my blue cat research is going so far so I thought would post an update. It has taken some time to learn the river and how to effectively catch blues. The kansas river is well known for being difficult to navigate and blue catfish are known to be...
  19. TwoFootBlue III

    I’m glad we can agree, I am the real Fish Whisperer. The ice chest is 2’9”. I catch these all day and all night. These were not all my catches over a 2 week span, not even half. I’m only going to upload the monsters from here on, Or one of each variety of fish. Or the weird ones
1-20 of 32 Results