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  1. BigFish2


    Big Fish
  2. BigFish1


    Big Fish
  3. Grandson Landon's Big Fish

    Grandson Landon's Big Fish

    Caught at Lake Hefner in OKC. No weight, only had 28lb scales. Estimated 35 lbs.
  4. Big Boy

    Big Boy

    52 IN and 65 LB Big Boy
  5. big fish

    big fish

    my personal best
  6. trotlining


    red river
  7. trotlining


    red river
  8. Longwhiskers Big Fish

    Longwhiskers Big Fish

    d-block with a 60lb flathead
  9. Weird Catfish

    Weird Catfish

    heres another pic
  10. Big Blue

    Big Blue

  11. Big Blues

    Big Blues

    Cought 02/17/09
  12. Tiger Shark

    Tiger Shark

    Well they look like catfish and they fight like catfish, only problem is they will eat you if given the chance
  13. Blacks Camp

    Blacks Camp

    These Big Kats were caught on Lake Moultrie, anchored at the Dam using live....shad
  14. Big Santee Cat

    Big Santee Cat

    Caught this Big Blue at Santee, in S.C.
  15. The Big One

    The Big One

    the big fish that i cought
  16. Me And My Dads Deer

    Me And My Dads Deer

    me and my dads deer
  17. My Cousins 9 Pointer

    My Cousins 9 Pointer

    My cousins 9 pointer
  18. Personal Best(28lbs)

    Personal Best(28lbs)

    Caught on anchovie, 8lbs test, weighed in at 28lbs, 32'', Caught at Lake Pleasant AZ. Fought like hell too
  19. Biggest Fish

    Biggest Fish

    67 1/2 lb Blue caught in Ken Freeman's basspro tournament in Columbia,Mo.
  20. Another Day On The River Chassin Blues

    Another Day On The River Chassin Blues