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  1. Fishing Reel Review
    Howdy, folks. I got myself the ecat spinning combo and I was wondering what everybody thinks about the reels. They seem quite solid but I have yet to use mine. I really wish this thing had a bait runner.
  2. Fishing Rod Review
    Besides Like from the Cats and Carp YouTube channel, has anybody else heard about the Berkley Glow Stik rod? It looks like it would be an interesting piece.
  3. Fishing Line Review
    Just passing along how much I like using the Berkley Big Cat line whenever i am using mono as a mainline. Stuff is awesome because it is strong, durable, knots tie and hold up very well, and it glows very bright under a black light. I feel that many anglers don't use it all too much, though...
  4. Fishing Rod Review
    Howdy, folks. Just wondering if anybody has had the opportunity to feel and fish with the E-Cat. It looks like a nice rod, but I'm having trouble finding peoples opinions on it. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results