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  1. Bass Fishing
    Are there any studies about Largemouth Bass prefering Green Sunfish to Bluegill as forage? I have a large inground "goldfish" pond with 5 bass, 3 crappie, 3 channel catfish, 1 bullhead, 1 longnose gar, and depending on feeding... 30-40 assorted bluegill/greens/redbreast etc. The bass eat ALOT...
  2. Bass Fishing
    Imagine 9 miles of isolated creek water full of 1-3lb spotted bass. Bass that may not have ever as much seen a hook and line. Then add 8 hours of topwater explosions. That is the bass heaven my friend and I experienced this past weekend. We launched our kayaks around 8am and pulled out at 6pm...
  3. Bass


    Great day for bass fishing!
  4. How Bout That!!!!

    How Bout That!!!!

    My daughter, Faith Adele proundly displays her catch. I think the bass weighed 5 lbs. It's all about fishing with kids.
  5. River Boat

    River Boat

    My catfishin boat, its a work in progress this was taken the day I bought it.
  6. 14 in Bass

    14 in Bass

  7. Pre-spawn bass

    Pre-spawn bass

  8. Yet another last year bass

    Yet another last year bass

  9. Another last year bass

    Another last year bass

  10. Last year Bass

    Last year Bass

  11. Big ol' rockfish!

    Big ol' rockfish!

    25lb+ striped bass caught on the Cumberland River @ Cheatham Dam - my personal best.
  12. Catch of the day

    Catch of the day

    A few channels and a couple of rockfish caught at the dam
  13. yellow bass

    yellow bass

    A "yellow" bass - my only wintertime catch below Percy Priest Dam
  14. 19 in bass

    19 in bass

  15. 19 in bass

    19 in bass

  16. April Fools Bass

    April Fools Bass

    Me and my uncle caught these bass on April 1, 2006. Mine is the smaller in the middle (1 lb, 2lb, 3.5 - 4lb)